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As the eldest of 6 daughters, the ability to primp and preen came quite naturally for Tiffany.  In 2006, Tiffany was afforded the opportunity to train with one of the leading hair and makeup teams in the DFW area. Equipped with essential knowledge and tools, she set out as a professional in the hair and makeup world and launched PaperDolls Makeup & Hair in 2007. Since that time Tiffany has worked with profoundly talented makeup artists and hairstylists where she has been able to hone skills to make her own. Through photo shoots, runway shows, volunteer projects, and plethora bridal events PaperDolls Makeup & Hair has been established as a viable service provider in the hair and makeup industry. Tiffany’s passion for bridal styling has made her an expert in multi-cultural wedding events servicing South Asian, Asian, Hispanic and American brides alike.

“Being in this industry has afforded me growth in areas I never imagined.  I have the opportunity to travel, to learn about cultures, and grow my craft.  As an artist, I have a creative outlet that rarely feels like work.  I have the pleasure of interacting with the most amazing and interesting people; some of which I am proud to say have become close dear friends.  I love what I do and I can’t wait to share my passion with you!”



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Here at PaperDolls Makeup & Hair we aim to provide in depth answers to your questions. If you aren’t able to find what you’re looking for please contact us.
What brand of makeup do you use?

PaperDolls Makeup & Hair does not have exclusive loyalty to any brands. We use any brand that produces quality products and renders the best results. While a majority of our products are professional brands not readily available to consumers, some more recognizable brands that we use are MAC, Trish McEvoy, Urban Decay, Stila, etc. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Makeup Forever, Mehron, Eve Pearl, Inglot, and Graftobian are some of our favorite brands. Most of these are HD formulated and designed for photography and extended wear. We prefer to use our products during your makeup session because we know how they perform and can predict the proper combination to maximize results.

Will you come to my location?

Absolutely! Travel charges are built into the prices quoted within the DFW metroplex.  If you are requesting services outside of DFW, out of state, or internationally,  travel and accommodations will apply.

It is usually most convenient to service clients on site.  Logistically this allows for a group to get ready together without the stress of transporting from one location to another. This provides the same convenience for individuals attending special events or having a photo shoot. PaperDolls Makeup & Hair will arrive at your location fully equipped with studio lighting, director’s chair and all products/ tools needed. Our only request is to have table space to set up our work area, preferably in an open area such as a dining room, kitchen, or hotel suite. Access to mirrors is not a necessity.

Do you provide services for destination weddings?

 Yes! PaperDolls Makeup & Hair will accompany you to your wedding destination, be it within the United States or internationally.  We are equipped with all the tools and products to produce a stunning, long lasting look to withstand any climate.  Consultations can be arranged via Skype to ensure that your vision is clearly executed, even from afar. As with local brides, it is recommended that clients participate in a trial run of services.  This can take place for a scheduled photo session or any pre-wedding event(s), if desired.  We will come to you!  What a relief to know that your wedding day look will not be compromised by working with someone you have not even met?!  And it’s such an incentive to check one more thing off your to-do list!

I have been fortunate to have become an avid international traveler for both work and pleasure.  This lends itself to be a great asset when working to secure means of travel and accommodations.  I work with clients to ensure that travel arrangements are budget friendly while still meeting their needs.  This does require advance planning so contact us TODAY! 

Will the makeup and hair last?

 Absolutely! The products and techniques used were developed to ensure maximum durability and longevity. Products used are the same/ similar to those used in production and film. Your look will endure through intense lighting, heat, tears, humidity and perspiration. No matter your issue (oily skin, fine hair, hair that is resistant to curl) we promise better results than you can get on your own. Your makeup and hair will last!

Do you do airbrush? What is airbrushing?

 Yes! PaperDolls Makeup & Hair offers airbrush services. Airbrush is the latest technique used for makeup application. This method is preferred in the television and film industries due to the frequent use of HD production. Airbrush makeup is sprayed on as a fine mist and covers the skin gently and is often faster than applying makeup in the traditional fashion.

The fine layering of foundation allows for full but lighter feeling coverage that is buildable to suit the needs of the client. Your skin will have a natural finish that is camera ready. While this method is highly popular, regular makeup application will render similar if not the same results.

What are your rates?

 For hair and/or makeup rates, please inquire using our contact form. Please include as much detail as you have available as this will assist in providing an accurate quote. Also be sure to include the requested contact information so that PaperDolls Makeup & Hair can respond to you promptly. Understand that price packages may vary based on services requested and location. Quotes are designed to give the client the highest quality services at competitive and fair prices.

Can you apply false lashes?

 Yes we can apply false lashes and they are complimentary with every makeup application. We favor lashes that are very natural looking and blend seamlessly into your lash line. If you desire a more dramatic look, please specify this before your appointment. For those who have never worn lashes, this is a painless process that will add that extra “umph” to your look. We will walk you through each step of applying and removing the lashes.

How much time do you need for each person?

 Hair and makeup application typically takes about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes per person. For larger groups (6 or more), an assistant will be required. Additional fees may apply. Adding an assistant is well worth the investment if you are having an early ceremony or will have strict time constraints. An assistant essentially cuts the time in half because you have two artists working at once. Additional assistants can be added to any contract at the discretion of the client in order to expedite time. Our team can accommodate parties of any size.

Do you offer trial run services?

 Trial runs are available for anyone interested in services with PaperDolls Makeup & Hair and is built into the package pricing for brides. It is suggested that trials be used when there is a specific event scheduled i.e. bridal portraits, engagement photos, attending a wedding, etc. This allows the client the opportunity to experience the entire process as well as see how the hair and/or makeup will look in photographs and test its longevity. This is a full service session and is designed to give the client and artist time to customize the perfect look.

Have you worked with Indian / South Asian brides before?

 Yes and this demographic has become a large percentage of our clientele.  From Indian, to Pakistani, to Bangladeshi and even Malaysian brides we have been exposed to many cultures and learned of the many marital traditions that each celebrate.  These experiences has given the opportunity to learn sari draping, dupatta pinning, and placement of face jewels (bindi, tikka, etc.) 

Do I need to bring pictures of ideas for hair and makeup?

 Pictures are always helpful in visually conveying your ideas to the artist. PaperDolls Makeup & Hair will also provide suggestions during your consultation. If you are still uncertain about the specific look you desire that is perfectly fine. This allows us to consult with you on various options you may have. Don’t assume you can’t have an up-do because your hair is too short, that your hair won’t take curls or that your eyes are too small for the smokey look you’ve always wanted to try. Let us explore all the possibilities with you and find the look that suits you best!

Do you provide hair extension services? Can I bring my own extensions?

 PaperDolls Makeup & Hair does offer extensions for those who are seeking a look with fuller, longer locks. After a brief consultation, extensions will be custom made for your desired look. The clip in style that are used are completely safe and non damaging to your natural hair. They are very easy to attach and just as easy to remove. While there are many options available to consumers, we strongly suggest using the extensions provided by PaperDolls Makeup & Hair. These are made with highest quality hair and will be customized for your use. For pricing details, please inquire using the contact form.

What should I do to prepare?

 Simply arrive at your appointment with CLEAN, DRY hair. This means hair that does not have excessive product and is not wet/damp. Shine and anti-frizz products tend to make the hair less responsive to our tools.  Blow drying hair is not accounted for in the time schedule. Your face should be clean and moisturized, if necessary. PaperDolls Makeup & Hair will take care of the rest. For more information on preparations for your hair and makeup session, please thoroughly read the Tips & Prep section.

How do I book with PaperDolls Makeup?

 Once your request is received and details have been confirmed, an official contract will be emailed to the clients for approval. The client will then determine whether to pay a 50% retainer or the full balance. Please note that if you are only making a deposit to reserve your date, trial and/or travel fees are due at time of service and the remaining balance will be due no later than 10 days before the event date.

Where do I mail my payment/contract?

 While we encourage you to utilize electronic methods of payment and transfer of the contract, you are welcomed to physically mail contracts and payment to: 6162 Maple Ave., Dallas, TX 75235

What payment methods do you accept?

 Cash, Check, Paypal or Credit Card

What is your cancellation policy?

 No refund is issued after a deposit and signed contract have been received. The client understands that by signing the contract, their date and time have been reserved which may result in loss of business through declining other assignments for that time. If a client fails to give a 24 hr notice of cancellation for a trial, bridal portrait session, boudoir session, etc. the client understands that the full price will be charged.


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ethnic beauty and destination weddings

Tips & Prep

Provided for you is a list of tips and preparations to follow when having hair and makeup done for your special event. From our experience and based on our professional expertise the following suggestions will help to make for a smooth and memorable event:
Skin Prep

1) Arrive to your appointment with a clean, moisturized face. Perform your normal cleansing routine. PaperDolls Makeup & Hair will provide any additional prep/ priming products necessary based on our assessment.

2) Avoid clinical microdermabrasion appointments within a week of your makeup session. If you have never had microdermabrsion done, you don’t want to risk having an adverse reaction that cannot be concealed by makeup. A light, over the counter exfoliant is permissible and recommended the week of or even day of your appointment.

3) If you wax your eyebrows, please schedule your appointment at least a week before your appointment. On occasion the wax may take off the top layer of skin making it virtually impossible for makeup to adhere to that area of the face.

Hair Prep

1) Hair should be totally dry with little to no shine or anti-frizz products. Many follow the myth that “dirty hair responds better for updos”, but our philosophy is that we would prefer to add product to your hair as needed in order to optimize our ability to style your hair. Your personal products may not respond in conjunction with the tools/products we use for styling. We are capable of handling any “hairy” situation!

2) Curly hair does not necessarily need to be straightened and it is preferred that it remain in its natural state for optimum styling. Please contact PaperDolls Makeup & Hair regarding curly hair prep as you may be given special instructions based on the style selected.

3) Hair with some texture is most desired and will offer the best results. Super clean hair won’t respond well nor will hair that is oily or greasy.

Work Environment

 1) Please bear in mind that our team comes equipped with a makeup chair, studio lighting with umbrella and the many tools needed to produce your desired look. A space conducive to our setup would be approximately a 10’x10’ with access to outlets and a tabletop space. This would accommodate both hair and makeup stations. Contrary to belief, mirrors are not necessary for hair styling therefore setup in a bathroom is not required nor recommended. A space such as a dining or kitchen area are preferred. Or a suite that has a separate dining space or isolated room works perfectly.

2) The hair and makeup area should be setup away from high traffic areas in order to lessen distractions and influence a positive work flow. Guests and onlookers should be restricted or kept to a minimum in the work area.

3) It is our request that the person receiving services (hair or makeup) refrain from conversation with others, cell phone usage, as well as eating and drinking.

Additional Recommendations

 1) It is a great idea to have someone bring music (i.e. MP3 player, IPOD, radio). This really helps to keep things calm and less awkward especially when energy may be low. Some hotel rooms will have radios with audio adapters but having your own docking station or laptop is a safe choice as well.

2) Have your group members bring a sweater or jacket due to the possible chilly temperature of the room. Because our styling tools and studio light generate LOTS of heat, the ac is usually turned down considerably in order to accommodate those in the “hot seat”.

3) “Drinks” and snacks are definitely a must in a celebratory environment. Whether you opt for mimosas or Shirley Temples, be sure to have straws on hand. Just remember to put yours aside when you’re up for hair and makeup.

4) If you have extremely particular family or bridesmaids who are concerned about their hair and makeup, please encourage them to do a trial run. This way there are no surprises on the big day and at the trial run we can take time to ensure they get what they want and are happy.

5) If possible, book a suite to accommodate you and your bridal party during the “getting ready” phase of the day. This eliminates feeling cramped and crowded and everyone can relax and enjoy their time of pampering. This also provides ample space for our setup without concerns of reorganizing home spaces for our use.

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  • destination wedding

    “Tiffany is super friendly, easy to communicate with, and just wants you to look and feel beautiful. She was extremely flexible with the different looks I proposed throughout our conversations and you can tell she definitely takes the time to improve/practice her trade outside of client time. During the wedding, Tiffany was always calm and flexible and it actually made the H+MU process my sort of “relaxation” time during a hectic wedding weekend!”

  • “Tiffany did an exceptional job on my hair and makeup for my wedding. She was very responsive, helped me figure out a good look for both hair and makeup, and was extremely professional throughout. On the day-of, she also did hair for 3 members of my bridal party, plus makeup and hair for two others and they were very pleased with the results. I can’t recommend her enough!”

  • “Tiffany did my makeup for two of my wedding events and I was really satisfied with her work! She listened to all of my concerns and really made me feel so beautiful on my special day. Tiffany was always professional, punctual, and approachable. My makeup did not budge even after a lot of crying!”

  • “Tiffany was absolutely amazing! All the bridesmaids looked beautiful and I loved my makeup!! “

  • “Thank you for the incredible job you did for my wedding. You guys were AMAZING! Everyone looked FABULOUS! I loved how everyone had their own look that defined them but still looked AMAZING and cohesive. And I have never seen my mom look so good! More than anything I really appreciate how professional you were, how you listened and worked with me, how punctual you were and how quickly you got everyone done. Thanks you for making my day beautiful and giving one less thing to worry about.”

  • “Thanks again for helping make me & my girls look and feel beautiful for my wedding! You are so professional & GREAT at keeping schedule! You’re the best! “

  • “Of all the makeup artists I have worked with in the United States, you are the best…..And I could only have the best on my wedding day. Thank you for an amazing job on me & my girls.”

  • “Thank you so much for making the girls, the moms, and myself look and feel amazing on our special day. You both did an excellent job and I got compliments throughout the whole day. Thank you for knowing what I wanted and always being there. YOU ROCK!!”

    Beena & Toji
  • destination wedding

    “Thank you so much for all your hard work in making me feel beautiful on my wedding day! You were so professional & easy to work with! Having you do my hair & makeup was definitely one of the easiest decisions that I made during the wedding planning process! I have received so many compliments on y wedding pictures and I have you to thank for that! I truly enjoyed working with you & look forward to working with you in the future!”

  • “Thank you so much for making the girls, the moms, and myself look and feel amazing on our special day. You both did an excellent job and I got compliments throughout the whole day. Thank you for knowing what I wanted and always being there. YOU ROCK!!”

    Beena & Toji


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