Apr 08, 2015

Neelo was my first Indian bride….EVER!  I was so nervous and apprehensive but I keep a calm demeanor and made it through her 3 day Thanksgiving weekend extravaganza back in 2009.  Fast forward 6 years later and I have worked with her family more than any other client since I’ve been in this business.  From birthdays, to graduations, to family events, weddings, and of course baby showers….I have really become a part of the family!  I hold this family in such high regard and can’t help but know how much of a blessing they have all been for me.  It was an honor to be asked to provide “surprise” hair and makeup for the mom-to-be.  Although she figured out our clever little plot before the surprise was in full swing.  Here’s to one of my favorite brides and dearest friends on baby #2!!  Congrats to you and Shams!!


I’m lucky to have talented friends in my circle.  Shalonda Kenebrew is my resident “baby shower gift” crafter.  She specializes in baby blankets and diaper wreaths that are to die for!!  Boy, girl, neutral, she’s got you covered.  Naturally I asked her to make something special for Neelo.  Need a special baby gift?  Contact Shalonda:  Take a look at some of her creations.

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