Apr 19, 2015

I first discovered Tamanna Roshan on Instagram.  I saw her flawless work on an Indian beauty, my primary clientele, and I instantly fell in love with her talent and started to follow her work.  Her brides represent what I envision my work will be one day.  So when she announced that she would be coming to Houston on her nationwide tour, there was no question that I would be there.

I solicited the company of mi hermana Christina Bazan and she was happy to take the road trip with me.  As Texas weather would have it, the event fell just following a crazy DFW ice storm.  Nonetheless, we braved he icy roads and made our way to Houston to partake in what we hoped would be a great learning experience.



When we got to the hotel the line was already forming.  Filled with makeup enthusiasts, professional artists and fans alike, we were all eager to get inside and see what the afternoon had in store.  I was most impressed with the door prizes.  Included were 3 Glamor lights, several brush belts filled with amazing quality brushes including Morphe Brushes, lash packages from Flutter Lashes, Posh Lashes and others, a number of makeup palettes sponsored by Naimies, Blink Beauty, L.A. Girl and more, of course Bombay Hair products and tools, and the list goes on.  We’re talking thousands of dollars of cosmetics and tools!  I was lucky to win one of the Flutter Lash packages.  I honestly had never heard of them but when I received my prize in the mail a few weeks later I was TOTALLY impressed!!  AMAZING mink lashes worth almost $40 a pair!! (Check out the pic below)



The seminar was set up whereas you mimicked the applications on yourself that Tamanna demonstrated (on the stage and on the big screens) with her model.  Artists and enthusiasts brought in their own kits and products based on the suggested list that was emailed to all the registered participants.  We did a simple smokey eye and then amped it up to a glitter Arabic look with a cut crease and winged liner.  Overall the seminar very closely resembled her online video tutorials.  Throughout the process Tamanna shared the products she used and we were encouraged to ask questions and share at will.  It was very learner friendly and gave everyone a chance to feel a part no matter what your skill level.

This was amazingly fun and I’m glad I got to share it with my favorite sidekick.  Check out more of Tamanna Roshan at DressYourFaceLive as well as on Instagram.



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